1. How do I store Granola?

Our Granola is made without added refined sugar, preservatives or additives. They’re good for 4 months or kept in the fridge after opening to maintain its freshness.

2. Where do you deliver?

We deliver to Kong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

3. Are your products safe for breastfeeding, pregnant women and children?

To be absolutely sure, please check with your physician before consumption. Our full list of ingredients is available on every product. In general, as our products use whole food ingredients, our products are safe for consumption for most everyone.

1. When do you deliveries and pick-ups?

Deliveries and pick-ups are available every weekday:

Monday to Friday between 10am-5pm

Pick up location: from Puravida Kitchen at 8/F, Kingley Industrial Building, Block 2, Unit A & B, 33 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang

2. How much do your deliveries cost?

Hong Kong Island: $50

Kowloon & New Territories: $60

We offer free delivery with minimum order $500 for Hong Kong Island and $750 for Kowloon and New Territories

3. Where are pick-ups available?

Pick-ups are free of charge and available at our kitchen: Unit A&B, 8/F, Block 2, Kingley Industrial Building, 33 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang.

Pick-Up Time: Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday 10m-1pm.

4. Do you do returns?

We do not do product returns. However, if you find any problems with your order, please contact us directly and we will do our best to find the best solution for you.

5. What happens in bad weather?

To keep our drivers safe, our delivery service will be suspended once typhoon signal no. 8 or black rainstorm is hoisted.

1. What does “Pura Vida” mean?

PURA VIDA means “pure life” in Spanish.

In Costa Rica, they say “pura vida” to each other as a greeting and a farewell. It also means: take it easy, enjoy life, all good and this is life.

All very positive mentality! This is why PÜRA VÏDA wants to share with you the positivity of having a great, healthy and clean lifestyle. We are sharing with you, our wonderful and delicious goodies! We treat ourselves well and we want you to treat your body and soul positively as well.


2. Where are you based?

We are Unit A&B, 8/F, Block 2, Kingley Industrial Building, 33 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang